All These Sleepless Nights

Kris and Micha, a pair of young people from Warsaw, live their twenties on the edge: interminable nights of parties, dancing, drugs and sex. An intense portrait of young people in the new Poland.

Speaking Is Difficult

Una serie de postales de tiroteos masivos en Estados Unidos que ocurrieron entre 2010 y 2015, cuyo objetivo es recordar la urgencia de reaccionar ante las políticas sobre control de armas.

El Paso

The story of mexican journalists who today find themselves in migratory limbo


Drawing on footage she’s shot over the course of 25 years, documentary cinematographer Kirsten Johnson searches to reconcile her part in the thorny questions of permission, power, creative ambition and human obligation that come with filming the lives of others.

Olmo and the Seagull

Olivia has to leave her lead role in Chekhov’s The Seagull in order to rest during her high-risk pregnancy.


Sonita, an Afghan teenager that lives as an undocumented immigrant in Iran, is determined to become a famous hip-hop singer, but her family has other plans for her: to sell her into marriage for 9 000 dollars.


Camera in hand, Paul Thomas Anderson accompanied Jonny Greenwood, Radiohead guitarist, to India, to make a record with an extraordinary group of musicians. This is the account of an unusual meeting.

La teoría sueca del amor

Suecia, la tierra utópica de la eficiencia y el bienestar social universal, también es un país de seres solitarios.

Pervert Park

A portrait of the trailer park community nicknamed Pervert Park, a residential zone in which numerous ex-cons live in relative freedom after having done time for sex crimes.

We Are Language

From Coahuila to State of Mexico, passing through Nuevo León, Aguascalientes, Jalisco and other states, an almost unknown Mexican hip-hop scene has developed in the shadow of larger genres

Odisea en Afganistán
Función: "Tempestad", con la presencia de la directora Tatiana Huezo.