Inside the Chinese Closet

A man and a woman, both Chinese and homosexual, search desperately for a partner with whom to arrange a heterosexual marriage of convenience in order to satisfy the wishes of their conservative parents.

When Two Worlds Collide

The violent clash between the peruvian government, determined to accelerate the economy with an aggressive extraction of petroleum and minerals from the Amazonas, and the indigenous peoples, who will not give up.

Soneros son

Ten years after stop playing, the Mata del Son’s members reunite

Last Conversations

Based on conversations between young Brazilian students and filmmaker Eduardo Coutinho shortly before his death, the film seeks to understand how today’s teenagers think, dream, and live.

The Land of the Enlightened

A trip to the region of Badakhshan, in Afghanistan, and to what the war left. There the children exchange everything that is within their reach and dream of conquering Kabul and rebuilding its broken palace.

The Man Who Saw Too Much

Trisha Ziff’s last documentary shows the work of the crime scene press photographer Enrique Metinides and builds an intimate portrait of the artist that photographed death for almost fifty years


Sonita, an Afghan teenager that lives as an undocumented immigrant in Iran, is determined to become a famous hip-hop singer, but her family has other plans for her: to sell her into marriage for 9 000 dollars.

Acompañar en la soledad
Taller de video y animación para niños.