Paulina Suárez will replace Elena Fortes as Director of Ambulante

After eleven years, Elena Fortes will leave her role as Director of Ambulante in order to become part of the Board of Directors, and embark on a new project. The organization she founded, together with Gael García Bernal, Diego Luna and Pablo Cruz, will be headed by Paulina Suárez Hesketh, who has a wide trajectory as a curator, programmer, as well as a thorough knowledge of film.

Ambulante Film Festival 2017

The festival is non-competitive. The programming committee, whose final decision is not subject to appeal, will review the selection. We will only accept films with a running time of at least 50 minutes, completed between 2016 and 2017. There is no restriction regarding the subject matter. Innovation and creativity in the form and content will be taken into consideration during the selection process. We will not accept institutional or promotional films, nor news report or films in a television format.

Más de 90,000 personas vieron documentales en 36 municipios del país

A lo largo de 64 días se llevaron a cabo 1,141 actividades en 36 municipios de la República. Recibimos a 140 invitados, celebramos 33 mesas redondas, 13 clases magistrales, 6 talleres y 84 funciones al aire libre. 147 sedes formaron parte del circuito de exhibición y 192 voluntarios contribuyeron a hacer posible el festival en los ocho estados recorridos.

El movimiento como resistencia
El Bajio, patrocinador, Ambulante 2016.