#AmbulantePresenta arranca en Acapulco e Iguala

#AmbulantePresenta regresa a Guerrero (Acapulco e Iguala )del 20 de junio al 1 de julio. Entrada libre.

Concluye con éxito #Ambulante2016

¡Gracias a todos! Después de 64 días de Gira, 8 estados recorridos y más de 1 000 actividades realizadas, concluye con éxito rotundo #Ambulante2016. Te invitamos a ver la galería de video e imagen entrando aquí.

Life Is Sacred

The former mayor of Bogota, Antanas Mockus, managed to change the political climate in his country without recourse to corruption. Through an innovative plan that included mimes, pencils, and disguises, he fought against violence in Colombia.

When Two Worlds Collide

The violent clash between the peruvian government, determined to accelerate the economy with an aggressive extraction of petroleum and minerals from the Amazonas, and the indigenous peoples, who will not give up.

The Salt of the Earth

For the last 40 years, the photographer Sebastião Salgado has been travelling the continents, capturing humanity in transformation. He has witnessed some of the major events of our recent history: international conflicts, starvation and exodus


This documentary thriller reflects the contrast between the vision of Everest held by the Sherpa.


Sonita, an Afghan teenager that lives as an undocumented immigrant in Iran, is determined to become a famous hip-hop singer, but her family has other plans for her: to sell her into marriage for 9 000 dollars.

Heart of a Dog

In this film essay, acclaimed musician and performance artist Laurie Anderson weaves together childhood memories, video diaries and reflections.

La importancia de la defensa del maíz en México