Los reyes del pueblo que no existe

San Marcos, a town in Northwestern Mexico, is partially flooded by the construction of a dam during part of the year.

El palacio

The Palace follows the everyday life of seventeen women who live together in a large house for financial and emotional reasons.

Hidden Memory

Three interviews that lead towards an epiphany compose director Eva Villaseñor’s attempt at reconstructing a period of time during which she lost her memory.

Hotel de paso

An old transient hotel located in the red light district of Mexicali, on the border between Mexico and the USA, receives hundreds of immigrants in pursuit of the American Dream every day.

El hogar al revés

Gerardo, Omar and Santos are teenagers living in a working-class neighborhood in Tijuana.

Retratos de una búsqueda

Thousands of Mexican mothers search for their disappeared children amidst the narco-war. The stories of Margarita, Guadalupe and Natividad intertwine to convey different forms of confronting the search and uncertainty.

The Room of Bones

From the Institute of Legal Medicine, El cuarto de los huesos follows several mothers from El Salvador who search for the remains of their children, who were disappeared amidst violence in their country.

No Place Like Home

How do you prepare yourself for the death of your parents? Carlos Hagerman confronts this question while he draws a loving portrait of Oscar and Doris, his own parents.


Lulú wakes up amidst the silence of a house that has been emptied. Five years ago her eight-year-old son, Brandon, and her husband disappeared.

El palacio, una película sobre humanos y servicios