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Documentary Film Festival

Ambulante organizes an international documentary film festival in collaboration with CANANA, Cinépolis, and Morelia International Film Festival, traveling to various states in Mexico, for over 3 months.

Presenting more than 100 documentary films, about 100 national and international special guests, in over 150 venues, Ambulante promotes the exhibition of Mexican and foreign documentary film throughout the country.

The festival is non-competitive, having 60% of its programming for free. Each year additionally to the festival program, there are workshops, discussions with filmmakers, conferences, seminars, panels on the film industry, special screenings, outdoor screenings, events in schools and universities, drive-in cinema, and since 2011, a series of documentaries in VIVE LATINO (Festival of Rock Music and Culture).

Ambulante Documentary Film Festival will travel to 12 states in Mexico from 30 January to 4 May 2014, with an international program of about 100 titles. The Festival will go to Mexico City (30 January to 13 February), Guerrero (13 to 20 February), Zacatecas (13 to 20 February), Puebla (20 to 27 February), Veracruz (27 February to 6 March), Nuevo León 
(6 to 13 March), Coahuila (13 to 20 March), Michoacán (20 to 27 March), Chiapas (27 March 3 April), Jalisco (3 to 10 March), Baja California (10 to 17 March) and Oaxaca (24 March to 4 May).



Continue to be the largest documentary film festival in Mexico and represent a unique exhibition space in the world.

Expand film exhibition to other venues beyond traditional commercial venues in Mexico and abroad.

Support and spread documentary film as a tool of social and cultural transformation.

Travel to regions with little availability of documentary films to create an active, informed and critical audience, founding new spaces for expression in Mexico and abroad.

Discover and support Mexican filmmakers and promote documentary films that reflect a unique vision and voice (recent productions are included in sections like Pulsos and Ambulante Beyond).

Generate new models of exhibition and distribution; provide tools of transformation and contribute to the creation of an active society.

Decentralize and diversify the exhibition of documentary film to reach new audiences.