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Ambulante Presents

In order to complement the Festival, from August to December, Ambulante will continue with “Ambulante Presenta”, the permanent circuit of documentary films launched last year. Due to the amazing turnout we got in the first circuit, which confirmed the existence of a loyal audience who asks for documentary films in theaters, this new series will include twice as many titles and screenings, which will be organized in collaboration with several venues in Mexico.

Quoting our General Director, Elena Fortes, said “In Ambulante Presenta, we make the most of the network we have already created in the festival, extending it to states we haven’t reached in the festival. This way, we can consolidate the audience we have created and offer documentaries all year round. We want to prove that there is a market for documentary films in Mexico and to generate a permanent circuit for their distribution.”

The series includes 22 international and national documentaries, most of which have been popular titles featured in the past edition of Ambulante Film Festival. The screenings of these titles will be programed in alternative venues in 14 states in Mexico, throughout the rest of the year.

The complete list of documentaries: Ÿ

5 cámaras rotas | 5 Broken Cameras (dir. Emad Burnat, Guy Davidi)

ŸA segunda vista | Double Take (dir. Johan Grimonprez)

ŸEl acto de matar | The Act of Killing (dir. Joshua Oppenheimer; codir. ánonimo and Christine Cynn)

ŸBering. Equilibrio y resistencia (dir. Lourdes Grobet)

Crónica de una caída | The Crash Reel (dir. Lucy Walker)

ŸCuates de Australia (dir. Everardo González)

ŸCutie y el boxeador | Cutie and the Boxer (dir. Zachary Heinzerling)

Los exiliados | The Exiles (dir. Kent MacKenzie)

ŸLos guardianes | The Gatekeepers (dir. Dror Moreh)

ŸH2Omx (dir. José Cohen, en colaboración con Lorenzo Hagerman)

ŸLas historias que contamos | Stories We Tell (dir. Sarah Polley)

ŸLejanía (dir. Pablo Tamez Sierra)

ŸEl lugar más pequeño (dir. Tatiana Huezo)

ŸMetamorfosis | Metamorphosen (dir. Sebastian Mez)

ŸMarina Abramović: la artista está presente | Marina Abramović: The Artist is Present (dir. Matthew Akers, Jeff Dupre)

ŸNarco Cultura (dir. Shaul Schwarz)

ŸLa necesidad especial | The Special Need (dir. Carlo Zoratti)

ŸPartes de una familia (dir. Diego Gutiérrez)

ŸLa piedra ausente (dir. Sandra Rozental, Jesse Lerner)

ŸPussy Riot: una plegaria punk | Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer (dir. Mike Lerner, Maxim Pozdorovkin)

Quebranto (dir. Roberto Fiesco)

Tío en segundo grado | First Cousin Once Removed (dir. Alan Berliner)

In order to promote documentary film as a tool for social and cultural transformation, Ambulante organizes, under the label “Ambulante Presents,” documentary screenings throughout the year in collaboration with different venues in Mexico.

“Ambulante Presents” expands the offering of non-fiction cinema in Mexico by presenting a program of documentary films beyond the regular exhibition platform that Ambulante Documentary Film Festival represents.


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