Ambulante kicks off in Oaxaca

From April 23 to May 3 Ambulante visits the last state of the 2015 edition: Oaxaca.

The Salt of the Earth

For the last 40 years, the photographer Sebastião Salgado has been travelling the continents, capturing humanity in transformation. He has witnessed some of the major events of our recent history: international conflicts, starvation and exodus

Program 3. Autoethnographies

Enfoque is a thematic section which every year movies are featured around the concept.

Program 5. Sensory Thresholds

Enfoque is a thematic section in which every year movies are featured around the concept.


Being underwater is like flying, like being in outer space; but for Yucatán divers it also implies to put their lives on the line for the risks this activity represents for them.


Mayan Poetry is a Hip-Hop band in Mayan language formed by Joel Tuz Kauil and Carlos Caamal Tu, two Mayan indigenous gathered to make hip-hop music in their language. They will have to choose whether following their dream of making music or affront an adverse socioeconomic reality on the Mexican southeast.

Favoritos del publico: Los dos Escobar

Mientras los cárteles del narco peleaban en las calles y la tasa de asesinatos se convertía en la más elevada del mundo, la selección colombiana de fútbol protagonizó un asombroso ascenso.Entre los factores clave para este éxito hay dos hombres de apellido Escobar: Andrés, el capitán de la selección, y Pablo, el capo del narcotráfico, quien inició el fenómeno conocido como el“narco-fútbol”.

All of Me

A close-up to Las Patronas, a group of mexican women who since 1995 cook and give food every day to the migrants that travel on the freight train La Bestia, heading towards the United States.

A Hard Day's Night
Función "El Hogar al Reves", CECUT.